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Home Surge Protection

"I lost my stereo and TV from lightning. Is there any way to protect my home from losses like that?"

A growing problem in the world is the loss of electrical devices and conveniences due to electrical surges. Our devices are getting smaller and more complicated, and those electronics are getting harder to protect. Even our smallest appliances like toasters and coffee pots have electronic circuit boards in them.

Electrical surges can come from 3 different locations, contrary to popular belief. Most common are power surges from your electrical power supply company from substation switching, or repair work or even poor standards and equipment.

Lighting easily gets in to these power lines too and wrecks havoc. Surges can come in the back door too through low voltage lines like phone and cable, burn their way through and damage line voltage circuitry. Least noticed of all are those surges that come from “within” your own home. Yep! Your home has appliances that can actually cause surges, and those spikes are usually more intense, and sharper in duration than the other kinds. Dryers, washing machines, A/C units furnaces are all culprits of these surges. Even your large beautiful big screen TV causes its own spikes, and so does your computer.

Home Surge Protection is the answer and usually must be installed by a licensed electrician for warranty reasons. They definitely vary in ability and price so carefully check them out first with your electrician. Some, even can provide an energy savings aspect to your investment that helps them pay for themselves. Can’t beat that!