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Carbon Monoxide Detector

"Do I need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?"

Carbon Monoxide is a tasteless, odorless gas that can come from most anything that burns fossil fuels and it can be fatal. It is alone responsible for 15,000 emergency room visits per year and 500 unintentional deaths so it might behoove one to pay attention.

Motor vehicles, gas powered furnaces, hot water heaters and standby generators all are possible causes of carbon monoxide poisoning and the symptoms are usually headache, nausea, dizziness and confusion.

Fortunately, having your electrician install these is a great idea, and can even be combined with a smoke detector as a combo unit. They may likely even be required now by your city, county or state and if not then expect it very soon.

New homes now must have one per floor where there are bedrooms, and within 15 feet of every bed door, and most cities now require them in all rentals and homes going on the market for sale. One of the easiest, simplest things one can do for the protection of home and family would be to have Carbon Monoxide detectors installed in your home today!